Get To Know Me

I figured a little ‘Get To Know Me’ would be best for my 1st blog ever! My name is Sally and I am 25 going on 26 this June which makes me a gemini, scary I know. I have 3 beautiful boys who fill my heart with so much love & joy and they truly make me whole. I married and had my firstborn all at the age of 18, straight out of high school jumping right into the real world. My firstborn recently turned seven a few weeks ago, my toddler is two and a half (terrible twos, yay!) & I recently brought our third baby boy into this world this past December. The people that know me might say that I am passionate, creative, friendly, optimistic, and loving. I also like to believe that I’m pretty funny but don’t we all? Aside from beauty, crafting, photography, and motherhood, I also love to sing. A few nights ago I was laying in bed counting my blessings and all of the sudden I started to wonder what the hell I was doing with my life. I wondered for hours what it was that I really wanted to do and then it hit me. Blogging was something that crossed my mind once long ago but I never really gave it a go, just like my youtube channel. This time I decided to just go for it & start and here I am a few days later hoping for the best, ready to see where this new journey takes me! I’m excited to share bits and pieces of my life along with a few tips and tricks that may work for you if you’re either a mama or just someone who loves beauty+! I can’t wait to see what this blog has in store for me but I am running with it, I hope that you tag along for the ride (:

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