Fast & Easy, DIY Burlap Banner

I love getting into the spirit of every holiday so for Valentine’s Day I made this super cute, Pinterest inspired, burlap banner. I am constantly making banners and it’s so fast & so easy I thought I’d share this DIY. I specifically love this easy-making banner because no sewing is needed, hallelujah! Mama ain’t got time for that. These banners make perfect for either decor, parties, or even as a fun photography prop!



  • Burlap Triangles (I already had burlap so I just cut them out myself)
  • Jute String
  • Stencils of your choice
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Glue Gun




You want to make sure you place your triangles over newspaper to avoid any mess. Once you have your burlap triangles & paint on a paper plate you are ready to go! Start by placing stencil over the triangle and carefully paint away. After removing the stencil you will leave the triangles to dry for as long as needed. Once the paint is dry you can move on to putting your banner together, here comes the hardest but actually easy part of this DIY. You’ll start by turning the triangle over on the opposite side where the paint lays & you want to draw a line across the top of the triangle with the glue gun. Then you’ll very carefully want to glue the string onto the burlap triangle to avoid any burning (that sh%# is hot), I usually use a pencil to press down the string onto the glue to make sure it really sticks on together.  And there you have it! Quick and easy DIY banner, I will be using mine for the boys’ vday photos and for vday decor in my home. I hope you found this helpful & that you were able to find these steps easy to follow or at least take bits & pieces to make it your own! Enjoy! (:


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