Potty Training 101

I often get asked how I potty trained my 2 year old son so today I decided to share a few tips and tricks that worked for me during this process. My son was potty trained a little over 4 months ago & I can honestly say it was a pretty easy transitioning. I ensured to make it a fun & smooth transitioning by taking him to our favorite store and letting him pick out whatever boxers he wanted. I had been mentally preparing him the night before and spoke to him about “using and going in the potty”, so picking out his own underwear only motivated him to use the potty just like big brother and everybody else. Another thing that was essential during this process was a “potty” book, I feel this definitely did the trick for us. And lastly, we had a potty chart to keep track of the times he went potty throughout the day. Every time he used the toilet he’d win a sticker and would stick it on his potty chart all on his own, I can’t tell you how excited this made him! Following these steps made potty training so easy and within 3 days time we promoted from diapers to big boy underwear!

Please keep in mind that every child is different and learns at his/her own pace. You want to make sure that your child is ready for this transitioning and you want to be very patient throughout its process. Potty training can be just as tough for them as it is for us as parents, make it FUN (:

d1262d01-8a52-4f13-94f6-507bdaf8a207Our potty book is called ‘A Potty for Me!’ by Karen Katz. We picked up ours at Barnes & Noble.

The night before we officially began potty training  we went over the book as I explained to my son how we’d be trying out the potty the very next day. After he fell asleep that night, I put away all diapers and brought out the bad boys. Mentally preparing your child is a great way to warm them up to the idea of trying something new, they may be little but boy are they smart and capable of understanding just about anything!


Have them help make a colorful potty chart! This will motivate him/her to get started and to use the potty right away. Also, feel free to get them stickers of their favorite characters, use both small & bigger sized stickers to represent each accomplishment. Little stickers for #1 and the big stickers for #2 (: (The 1st day I used nothing but big stickers but the following day I stuck to using 2 different sizes)

Always remember to encourage and praise your child when using the potty. Give them a high five and let them know what a great job they’re doing. My little one and I even had our own motto going on… “No more diapers, I’m a big boy now!”


Remember to be consistent and patient, be very patient. Ask your child if they need to use the restroom every other 15 minutes, literally. Be mindful that there will be accidents the first day and that’s okay, it happens. Comfort him/her and let them know it’s alright, keep trying. Encourage them to flush the toilet on their own and clap your hands when they’re done, they will love this. Take this oppurtunity to teach your little one the importance of washing their hands after they’ve used the restroom! You can re-read the book throughout the day (we did), you can take turns in the potty, make phone calls to dad or grandma and let them know when they’ve accomplished another milestone!  Children learn through play, it’s all about making it fun.


This is how our first day ended. My husband and I were so proud that we ended up rewarding our son with a toy for the amazing job he did on his 1st day of training. We kept at it the next day and he only got better with time. We had a potty chart for each day and by the second day there were less accidents, my son was officially potty trained by the 3rd day! We only used pull ups during outings and nighttime but eventually we got rid of those too. I was very proud at how fast my little one let the diapers go and how easy potty training was for the both of us. One thing I can say about potty training is that timing is everything. Be patient, show patience & support and you will see results in no time. I hope you find some of these tips and tricks helpful and that they work great for you just as they did for me! Happy potty training and best of luck!




2 thoughts on “Potty Training 101

  1. How did you do it to go to the potty at night time? I’m still struggling to get rid of pull ups at bedtime. He does good at nap time which is usually 2-2.5 hours of nap, but a full night without pull ups we haven’t managed.


    1. Hi! A good sign to let you know he’s ready to get rid of them is when he wakes up dry! My son only used them the 1st couple of weeks and we got rid of them right after finding his pull ups dry in the morning. Try avoiding liquids an hour or so before going to bed & using the restroom beforehand too, this worked for us (:


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