Where I’ve Been..

I’ve neglected my blog and 3 months later I am finally back! If you don’t follow me on Instagram or you don’t know me personally, I’ll start by giving you a little life update and fill you in on why it’s taken me this long to blog… When I first started my blog I had every intention of blogging once or twice per week but soon after, I went back to work and with 4 kids (my husband being my 4th), housework, soccer practice, PLUS life, well, you do the math. It was nearly impossible to catch a break with all that I had going on, and if I’m being honest it was all a bit overwhelming at times. So, if you follow my blog and have been wondering where the heck I’ve been and you’ve been looking forward to my blogs, I apologize for being away for so long. I promise that I will do my best to blog more often! I mentioned that I went back to work but after a month of doing the whole full-time working mom of 3, my husband & I decided that staying at home with the boys would be best for them & our family. As a mom, I know and trust this was the best decision I could make as I was also a SAHM with my second for an entire year before going back to work. Especially because I know how important the first few years of a baby’s life are. Anyway, I’m glad to be home with my littles as this is where my heart calls me and now that I’m back into the swing of things, I can finally dedicate a little time to my blog! On top of holidays, birthdays, and events it’s been a crazy ride and it’s about to get even crazier with so many changes and new beginnings coming our way! To all who have been subscribing for update notifications, thank you so much! I am excited to continue this blog series and share a little more of my life with you! But for now here a few photos of our trip to Desert X in Palm Springs, it was pretty awesome! (:



doug aitken
Doug Aitken, Desert X
house 2
Mirrored House
Mirrored House
Semi vlogged and failed.
richie candid
Oh how I love candids. The view was amazing
Husband and our littlest sonshine
Richie and Cam
If only they were like this in real life, I’m surprised they even posed like this but I’ll take it!

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