Mom Confessions, Mom Thoughts? 

It’s been one hell of a week for me let me tell you. I spent all last weekend in the hospital with my littlest one & when we finally came home on Monday, I got really really sick. I usually stick it out with no meds & just let it pass by but this was probably the worst I had ever felt in my life. I think the exhaustion from our hospital stay caught up to me & gave me the worst sore throat ever. Yesterday (Thursday) I finally felt better & started tidying up the kitchen & the living room but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish cleaning up the rest of the rooms. With some changes heading our way, Ive been thinking about decluttering the boys’ rooms & getting rid of all toys & clothes that we no longer need/use. Not only am I thinking about decluttering the boys’rooms, but there are also other things in mind that I plan on reorganizing. This is where I realized I started to get into a funk. You know, that mom funk. The thought alone of having to declutter & reorganize stressed me out. I don’t know about you guys but I am very much of an over thinker & I stress about the littlest things, oh & I’m also a perfectionist, yay. These days I find myself lacking motivation & I have no desire to do anything really & I think it just has a lot to do with the fact that there is SO much to do with such little time. I have my 7 year old, my threenager, & my baby who nurses on demand every 2-3 hours and boy am I drained by the end of the night. Do you ever wake up in the morning & don’t know how & where to start your day? Because that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. As a mom I feel like what I do just isn’t enough sometimes, or I wonder if anybody ever really notices the things that I do. Or how about the days where you feel you’ve been super productive & at the end of the day you feel like you didn’t get anything done at all. Like how is it even possible to get everything done in one same day? Am I crazy to think that it can’t be done?  It’s tough. Being a stay at home mom isn’t as easy as it seems but being a full time working mom isn’t easy either. I won’t sit here & say which is hardest since I’ve done both, but I find it really sad when stay at home moms & full time working moms compare themselves & all that they do during the day. Instead of judging & comparing their “work”, they should really be empowering one another & respect how we all live differently. Every mom is different & we all know what works & what doesn’t, there’s really no excuse on why to judge or compare. And if you’re doing all 3, working, going to school AND being a mom, wow. Props to you, I admire you. I guess what I really wanted to say was that if you’re a mom & you need a break, TAKE IT! Sometimes we’re so caught up with all that we have going on that we forget that us moms need a little “me time” too. We are only human & if we need to skip the chores while we pull ourselves together, it’s okay. Do a little something for yourself, whatever it is that makes you feel better whether it be putting on a little makeup, going out for some coffee, buying yourself some flowers or a new mug, taking the kids out for ice cream before dinner, whatever helps do it! Remember it’s not that serious it’s just laundry, and when you come back you’ll feel refreshed & better than ever! 


Sally M.

Ps. Don’t forget that you’re amazing & that you’re a superwoman, you got this!

3 thoughts on “Mom Confessions, Mom Thoughts? 

  1. Thanks for this post. I literally was going crazy when I was working (I’m the boss at work) going to grad school for my master’s degree (I graduated on May 20th thank God) then being a mom to an almost 5 month baby girl now was my priority and I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I gave up going to the dance studio to do Zumba which I love doing. Now that I’m done with grad school I’m back on track with the dance studio so I make time to release some stress and it’s ME time and I love it. Being a mom/wife is amazing but can be a bit overwhelming at times and us moms need to take a break at times.


    1. Congrats on graduating! Glad to hear you’re getting back on track with Zumba, I always find that doing a little something for yourself does help release some stress. Being a mom is the most challenging but most rewarding job ever!


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