Motherhood, Real Talk

These days I find myself becoming the mom I told myself I would never become. You know that mom you see looking a hot mess wearing spit up raggedy clothes, dirty hair, no concealer to hide the mombie under eyes, unable to shower til late at night (following morning if I’m being honest). Yeah, that mom. Before Max I was sure that I could handle being the “mom of 3” & I really didn’t think it’d be as hard as it actually is right this moment. I remember each time I went out alone with Richie (7) & Camilo (3) people looked at me like I was crazy because I was pregnant with my third. Those cringe worthy moments where strangers made comments like, “wow 3 kids”, actually happened. At the time it didn’t phase me because I had this whole “I got this” confidence going on, but here I am seven months later still trying to find myself in the midst of being a mom of 3. I overestimated myself & I’m still trying to adapt to this momX3 life. What used to be routine is now all over the place, so I’ve decided to take it day by day & go with the flow. There are the days where I complete most things on my checklist & there are the days where my house is a mess & the rooms are upside down. Then there’s also those days where I question everything I do as a mother & wonder if I’m doing an okay job. Wiping butts all day long and attending to all kids’ needs & wants while trying to maintain my sanity is a little overwhelming to say the least. Motherhood is hard & it isn’t always pretty. Today, I am the mom who thinks twice about heading to the store with all 3 kids on her own. Today, I am the mom who thinks to herself if she really needs shampoo & pushes it another day or two. Today, I am the mom who has to get up from bed because she remembered she has to brush her hair after showering. I’ve come to realization that I don’t need to be the perfect mom I once aspired to be. Learning to accept the fact that I won’t always have it all together has given me some sort of relief to a degree. Today, I am “that” mom & I’m okay with it. We are all aiming for the same goal here & that is to be the best mama we can be to our children. Mastering motherhood is just a plus. So here’s to loving, guiding, nurturing, & being present with our children, being perfect is boring anyway.

From one mama to another,

The mom with one day old spit up raggedy clothes

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