Black & White Monochrome Room




Being a mom of nothing but boys (and being as girly as they come), I have to say that decorating Camilo’s room has been extremely fun to say the least. I love the simplicity in neutral colors, so picking a theme for this wild child of mine was pretty easy when wanting to take a monochromatic route. I never had a “cool kid” room growing up, so I can’t say I’m not proud of the outcome (hence the overload room pics on Insta). Richie’s room has a little more color, and it’s very much due for a makeover but all in its time (still have those exciting news to share with you all!). Max will also be turning one towards the end of the year & I’m not quite sure if he’ll be sharing rooms with Camilo, or if he’ll have a room of his own later down the road. Either way, I’m all for moving things around & changing things up!

Anyway, I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally be sharing Camilo’s room tour on the blog, I meant to share it a lot sooner than expected but what can I say, being a mom of 3, trying to keep up with housework, mom life, social life, and family, is no joke! I hope to answer all you guys’ questions about his room in this post & if I happened to miss something, feel free to ask away!

Most things are from Ikea & Hobby Lobby!

(All links available will be posted down below!)


His bed was the 1st thing we bought for his room & almost a year later he’s finally adjusting to sleeping in it through the night! He still wakes up in our bed from time to time, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal for the average parent & child right? Having your own big boy room is a pretty big adjustment so I’ll take it.. for now anyway.


“C” & cacti from Hobby Lobby


Wooden car from Ikea, Lightbox from Hobby Lobby

I originally intended to use the shelves for the books we’ve collected over the years but the different pops of color really threw off the particular monochrome theme I was going for. I’m still trying to figure out a way to display them somewhere nicely without them being to distracting to the eye. For now I’ll leave the shelves as is since I’m pretty content with how they look.


I had bought & saved this King/crown frame from Hobby Lobby over a year and a half ago. When I saw it, I immediately thought of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ & that was my 1st initial thought for his theme room. The letter banner is pretty cool as we can make whatever message we like, we displayed 2 different ones in his room & we love it.


Rug from H&M

This is usually where he sits down to play with his toys. He loves anything that has to do with vehicles, so when I saw this rug I knew he had to have it. He loves it so much you can see how used & abused it truly is!


The teepee is a DIY project the hubs & I did for the boys about 2 Christmases ago, I thought it’d fit perfectly in his room so I moved it in once we started putting everything together. I picked up the pillow from Target not too long ago & can I just say that the cacti obsession is beyond real! I literally contemplated switching out his room theme because I just couldn’t get enough of these pretty pricklies. As a matter of fact, the greenery on top of the teepee was just switched out a few weeks ago. The white Xmas lights that once hung above the teepee were exchanged & placed into Richie’s room. I really thought about making Camilo’s room more cactus-y & green, but I figured I’d leave it as is since Batman suits his personality best. The greenery & softer tones will most likely be saved for Max’s future room!



Name Plate from Smiling Tree Toys


Table is from Ikea, Backpack from Fawn Design

We’ve had this table for quite some time now (before his room) & Camilo gets the most kick out of it since it’s more his size. I’ve seen quite a few Ikea hacks you can do with this table & I might do something a little fun once I get the chance. He mainly sits here to color, water paint, & do his puzzles on his own time. And since were on the talk of water coloring, I might as well share that I also have in mind of adding some wire rods somewhere in his room to display his paintings! I can’t wait (:


I had been eyeing this elephant hamper since I was pregnant with Camilo but I always felt it was a little too pricey & I didn’t dare get it then. One day, I happened to walk into Ross & I saw it for $20 less & well the rest was history. Camilo stores most of his toys in here & it gives him easy access to take out & store toys back in whenever he pleases. I have a feeling this will be passed down to Max once Camilo outgrows it!


Here are some more candids of my wild child in his natural habitat:




Bed: here

Batman sheets: here

Vehicles rug: here

Train Case: similar here

Elephant Hamper: similar here

Table: here

Shelves: similar here

Lightbox: here

Letter Banner: here 

Name Plate: here

Nursery Moon: here

Cactus Pillow: similar here

Batman Muslin Blanket: here


I hope you all enjoyed our room tour! Feel free to ask anything I forgot to mention up above! Thank you so much for reading, talk to ya guys in my next blog!




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