Our Family Photo Session

We had the honor of having our family portraits taken by the amazingly talented, Lucy Munoz, about a month ago. As I was ordering some prints the other night, I realized how many photos there were to choose from & I decided to share some of my favorite here on the blog. These photos will be displayed throughout our home & I cannot wait to order a canvas to hang above our dining room area!

A while back we decided that Max would be our last baby & I knew that I wanted to have a family photo session right before he got any bigger. We had our first part of the session done at home & I knew right away that these photos would be cherished forever as these were taken in the very 1st home we all lived in & grew as a family. These pictures are incredibly special to me as you can only imagine & understand why.

Max actually learned to say “mama” today & he repeatedly called for me so going through these photos right now may or may not have me bawling my eyes out. But nothing eases my heart more than knowing I’ll be able to relive such sweet moments when looking back at all of our photos.

Lucy, thank you so much for your patience, and thank you for these beautiful photos that will be kept & cherished a lifetime.

You can contact Lucy through her website & check out the rest of her amazing work here:Β Lucy Munoz

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Palm-springs-family-photographer-2Palm-springs-family-photographer-10Palm-springs-family-photographer-12Palm-springs-family-photographer-26Palm-springs-family-photographer-22Palm-springs-family-photographer-24Palm-springs-family-photographer-25Palm-springs-family-photographer-35One of my fave of us two.Palm-springs-family-photographer-38Palm-springs-family-photographer-42Palm-springs-family-photographer-48Palm-springs-family-photographer-52Palm-springs-family-photographer-54Palm-springs-family-photographer-58Palm-springs-family-photographer-60


“Home is wherever I’m with you”



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