A Day Out With the Family


We try to take the boys out as much as possible during the weekends and now that the weather has finally dropped a few degrees, we finally made it to check out the big, famous dinosaurs in Cabazon. We went as a family of 3 a few years back, which made this Camilo’s 1st time visiting and he loved every minute of our trip.

The trip here isn’t too much of a drive since we only live about half an hour away, so this made the perfect little outing for our Sunday Funday. The kids & I (Camilo & Richie, Max waited outside with daddy) made it all the way to the top of the T Rex, and let me just say that it was pretty awesome. If you happen to vacation in the Palm Springs area or you happen to just drive by, I definitelyΒ recommend checking it out. The views and the scenery is pretty amazing, & the best part is that these places are also kid friendly. You get the windmills, the famous Peewee Dinos, the Cabazon Outlets if you’re in the mood for some shopping, and of course some of the best date shakes in the valley from Hadley’s (I can never head home without my banana date shake, its delicious!).

We’re so glad that the long hot days are finally coming to an end, it’s time to seek adventure in our Valley before the winter comes!

And now for the fun part & my particular favorite. Pictures, pictures, pictures, & more pictures. I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!


Sally M






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