10 Facts About Me

Hello friends, it’s been a while since my 1st and only “Get To Know Me”, I figured it was overdue for an updated version but with a bit of a twist. Today, I’ll be sharing some fun-random facts about myself for those that want to get to know me on a more personal level. I hope you enjoy & hope that you learn a little more of who I am as a person (:

Xo, Sally M.

DSC036481. I was born & raised in Watsonville, Ca. and lived there most of my childhood life.

2. I’ve moved twice in my life & it wasn’t one bit of easy while being a teenager. My family & I moved from Watsonville to Madera, Ca. & we resided there for about 2 years or so before finally moving to the Coachella Valley (and yes, Coachella as in Coachella).

3. I love to sing.

In the shower. In the car. And pretty much everywhere.. I literally grew up aspiring to be a singer & seriously thought it would happen (lol). Singing has always been a part of who I am & I have Selena to thank that for. Hashtag, anything for Salinaaaas.

4. The year of my senior year, I was my high school’s mascot.

Arab pride forever, Class of 2009!

5. I was pregnant and married at the age of 18. It wasn’t easy being that my husband & I were babies ourselves, but fast forward to 8 years and here we are 3 boys later!

6. I spent my entire high school years living in a Foster household. Not actually a foster child myself, but my parents were and still remain foster parents to this day.

I am actually the oldest out of my all my siblings, and I also happen to be the only girl.

7.  I have a Megan Fox thumb. Yes, you read that right. Thumb, not thumbs. 

My left thumb is a short little chubster and I’ve grown to semi-appreciate its uniqueness. Unfortunately for my boys, they inherited the famous little spoons. All 3 of them, I can’t wait to hear them thank me later in life.

8. After I had my firstborn, I went to beauty school & learned that I hated it & that it wasn’t for me. Sadly, I didn’t even bother taking the state board test. And well, all I have to say from that experience is that you live and you learn, am I right?

9. Stating the obvious facts to conclude this post and hope that you’re still here!:

I love to collect white coffee mugs. My favorite color is pink. I’ve learned to love the simplicity in everything & love to keep it neutral (always). I love capturing pretty things & I’m a very family oriented person!

Thank you so much for reading! See you on the next one!




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