Finding Balance In The Midst of Motherhood..

To all my mamas who need a quick cheer me up. .

We all walk our own path but we share the same journey.

I got a lot of good feedback on my previous Motherhood post & I realized it had been a while since my last documented diary. Funny, being that motherhood is the reason why I started this blog to begin with, but the truth is I had a pretty hard time figuring out who I was & finding the time to balance all the duties life had to offer me. 

As much as I love blogging, I took the entire month of October off to focus on what is most important to me, my kids & my health. I took my own advice & I continued to rediscover who I was and I started embracing & accepting my new journey & all my motherly roles. Letting go of old routines was hard & adjusting to life was probably just as hard without them, but I was finally able to accept things for how they were & I started to pat myself in the back for all the little things I was able to get done in a day. Making a realistic game plan made the world of a difference & I stopped beating myself up for the things I didn’t get to accomplish. There was always tomorrow & the next day, and so forth. Finding time for my children during our busy day was essential & it didn’t matter to move up my chores for some well spent, quality time. I want to remember moments & memories made, so if the house is mess it doesn’t amount to the happiness quality time with my boys brings.


Sometimes, when I’ve had a long day & it feels like I didn’t get anything done, I remind myself of  all the tasks I tackled & accomplished, and it truly makes me feel that much better… Are we happy? Are we well fed? Do we have clean clothes on our back? And if the answer to all those questions are “yes”, then I’m okay with that. Because caring for myself & 4 others is more than enough itself. Having a clean, spotless home just isn’t realistic to me anymore, and I finally learned to be okay with it. Instead of doubting my abilities in the ways I mother & balance all my housework, I’m taking pride in all that I’m able to do. We women are freaking amazing and we take a huge role of responsibilities amongst a million more.

Life was chaotic for a bit and eventually it got better & easier with time. I’m almost a year postpartum & I’m not afraid to say that it took me this long to gain some of that confidence I once had. Some of us get it back right away and some of us take longer than we anticipated, and that’s okay too.  If you’re still on the road to rediscovering who you are or you’re having a hard time balancing life, my advice to you is to make the time to do more of the things you love. Making time for yourself is just as important as all the other things on your to do list. I can’t tell you how many times I lacked energy & motivation to do anything because I was always at the bottom of my own list. But we matter too, and YOU matter too. Motherhood can feel lonely sometimes & I know how easy it is to jump on that “mom funk” wagon. I know what it’s like having to prioritize something as simple as showering because sometimes it’s hard to even get that done. Having a strong support system and surrounding yourself with people who love you, and having a positive outlook will make you overcome just about anything. In no way am I saying that life will be perfect a few rough patches down the road, but I promise it gets better. The process was long & hard, and finding ways to balance everything out only made me realize that it’s impossible to get everything done at once. One day at a time, one step at time, & you’re just about halfway there. Ditching my pjs for a pair of jeans & putting a little makeup on did me wonders before. Today, I ditched the piles of laundry awaiting to be put away so I could get this post up, and let me tell you that it feels amazing. Sometimes putting your own needs 1st truly rejuvenates you & makes you feel like you can conquer the world right after. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the balance because one way or another, what needs to get done, will.

To all of my mamas that choose to share their struggles with me and to those that can relate to my documented mom life, wether you’re a first time mom or you happen to read my blog when you really just needed it, thank you. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of those that have read my blogs & continue to show support & leave me comments. I hope you know that you were in mind during the process of this post, and I hope that you take a brief moment & celebrate yourself.


Motherhood comes in waves of highs & lows. We cannot bloom without a little rain & we have to go through some bad days to appreciate the good ones. 

 ( Pictures under the teepee by LUCY MUNOZ )


Sally M.

3 thoughts on “Finding Balance In The Midst of Motherhood..

  1. Well said ❤
    Agree 1000% its hard to remember we mamas matter, too!
    And its true that quality time will be what makes memories, not keeping a spotlessly clean home.
    Keep writing!

    – Rosa

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  2. Hi Sally! I don’t know how long it’s been since I first started following you on instagram and now I get to read your blogs! ❤️ I just want to thank you for sharing this because I have 1 baby girl and I would do everything and anything for her! But, sometimes it gets tough balancing school work and time to enjoy with her. And I don’t know how you do it with 3 boys! You’re boys are beautiful and just thank you for reminding us mommas that it’s okay to not always be okay aka “perfect”. I wish YOU and your FAMILY nothing but love and happiness! ❤️
    Aylin C.

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  3. Loved this post. Really needed to read something like this. It’s so easy to forget about what we love to do as mommies. I’m going to be one year postpartum too and I feel like I’m not quite where I want to be with my confidence but one day at a time. thank you for sharing.

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