Create your own Instagram Story Highlight Covers! (Simple & Free, Step by Step Examples)



Hey all! If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that I added a cover to all of my highlight stories a few weeks ago, and I’m finally getting around to sharing how I made my own covers!

First things first, I’m aware this isn’t for the average person and it isn’t an absolute must to have them, but if you’re here and you want to learn how to take your gram up a notch, or you simply like a more polished and well put together look, I hope this serves you well & you leave inspired and ready to create your own icon covers! (:

APPS YOU WILL NEED:AppsYour most used apps will be Google (Safari) and Phonto only if you’re able to find all of your icons in PNG file format.

If not, no worries, app #3 (Background Eraser) will be your bff & it will sure come in handy later on! (Info on how-to, towards the bottom)


Step 1:  Find a color background of your choice via google (preferably something that matches your profile’s color palette). Once you’ve found your color, save the image.

(I went with a light neutral color, and I searched something like “blush nude” in Google.)

save image


Step 2:  Find as many icons as needed specifying each highlight story you may have. You can find them via Google or any other website you may know of that offers cute icons. My icons range from different categories such as, Motherhood, Beauty, Blog, Home, Style, and more. Feel free to add and subtract as you please. The key to finding the perfect icons and requiring much less work, will have to go as follows:

Search your icons in PNG file format. For example, if you’re in search of a coffee mug icon, you want to ensure you search “coffee mug icon png“. The “png” is essential and it is key, it will make it a lot easier to work with, therefore, making it less work for you. Also, don’t be afraid to be specific, I’m a perfectionist & things have to be a certain style/color. I went as far as searching specific colored icons, and it was worth it. Keep it simple, yet specify.

i.e :

png ex-3


Step 3:  Once you’ve saved your background color and all of your icons, you are ready to proceed in putting it all together in the Phonto app.

( Disclaimer: I don’t have the exact screenshots of how I put my own icon covers together, but I happened to make a few for a friend on Instagram, and I was able to screenshot step by step, so, sorry for any confusion there may be with the different colored backgrounds. You can find her Instagram page here, if you’d like to see how they turned out )

Steps for Phonto:

  • Upload background colored photo
  • Add Image (icon)
  • Play with sizing if desired, but be mindful that when sizing too big or too small, it may result in decreasing the quality of the icon.
  • Save image!
  • The final step would be to upload the image to your story, save to Highlights, make it your primary cover, and voila!


phonto ex


And this is what it will look like when all of your new highlight covers are side by side. My Highlight Covers:

X Marks The Spot-3


Now for the part that requires a little more work. Say you end up finding an icon you really love, but it doesn’t come in PNG. There still may be a way to make it work – save the image, but instead of uploading it straight to Phonto right away, upload it to the Eraser app first, & follow this collage’s simple steps:

Eraser Example:

eraser ex

  • Upload icon to ‘Eraser’
  • Click on “Erase”
  • Click “Target Area” (it’s faster & less time consuming than hitting “erase” again.) Hit your color background and/or any other area you may want to erase.
  • Save image in Max & in PNG!
  • Upload new icon to Phonto & repeat the Phonto steps’ from up above, and save.
  • Upload to Instagram Stories, Highlights, edit as Highlight Cover, and you’re all set!


I hope you guys found this useful & easy to follow! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any, I tried elaborating as much as I could! Also, feel free to tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see how your covers turned out! ( Or hashtag under #loveeesally )

Thank you for reading & for making it to the blog today! Talk to you all soon!






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