Stripes & Ruffles – OOTD Details!




Hi all, and welcome to my very first Fashion blog post ever! (Insert exciting & party emojis here). I am so excited to bring fashion into my blog from here on out! I’ve always loved dressing up whenever it’s possible (mom life), but with Spring, & Summer around the corner, I’ve developed a stronger love for a sense of fashion this time of the year.

I will have all links provided for you towards the end of this, but I just wanted to take a quick second to thank you for being here! Whether you follow my blog or my Instagram, I am so excited for this new journey I’m taking on with fashion! By no means am I 100% comfortable being in front of the camera, so please bare with me while I still figure out how to pose naturally. I’m sure there’ll be a few awkward hand photos in the making, but it’s all a work in progress & I know it’ll only get better with time.

Today, I’ll be sharing one of my current favorite online sites to shop from! I came across their IG a couple of months ago & I’ve been obsessed ever since! Their name on Instagram is: Vicidolls & their website is  – No, this isn’t sponsored in any way (though I honestly wish they would sponsor me!) , I just genuinely love their stuff and wanted to share one of the few dresses I’ll be wearing throughout Spring/Summer. I’ve ordered quite a lot from their site over the last couple of months, & I can honestly say that the quality of their clothing is amazing, as well as their shoes. My favorite thing about ViciCollection is that they ALWAYS have a 20% off discount code somewhere on their Instagram, so keep an eye out on their stories or posts for a code if you want to shop their site!

I wore this dress when in San Diego 2 weekends ago, and I paired it with my now favorite, slide espadrille blocked sandals. I’m more of a flats kind of girl (especially when out and about with the kids), but Sbicca is very well known for the awesome comfort of their shoes. And holly molly, these shoes are extremely comfortable to walk in! I’m more than sure they’ll be on constant repeat these next couple of months. What I love about this dress is that you can easily dress it up with some espadrilles like I did, or you can dress it down with some flat, everyday-wear sandals.

I was on 4 day hair, & since we were out of town I didn’t feel like doing much to it. It also happened to be windy this day, so I simply decided it be best to put it up in a ponytail. No need to be fancy at all times, and I found myself more than comfortable with my hair up throughout the day.


My dress was no longer available on the site, so I linked a few dresses that were a bit similar in style..

Similar Dress: here

Similar dress: here

Similar dress (diff color): here

Shoes: here

Sunglasses: here

Necklace: here


I hope you enjoy my take on fashion, and I hope that you stick with me through this new season of mine. I can’t wait to get more content out for you all, more to come soon!




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