Mother’s Day Gift Guide!


Welcome back to the blog! Mother’s Day is only a few days away, and today I’ll be sharing a Mother’s Day Gift Guide in hopes of helping someone pick out a gift if they haven’t done so yet. It can be for your mom, your wife, or simply someone special that played a motherly role in your life.

Last year, my eldest brought me breakfast in bed all on his own, a cheese stick & a banana and it was the best thing ever. The husband and the boys brought me roses & balloons, and they later took me out to brunch (my favorite). I really enjoyed my day doing some of my most favorite things along with my favorite people last year. But one thing that I wanted to share is that Mother’s Day goes beyond gifting fancy handbags, earrings, and more. Personally to me, Mother’s Day is about going above and beyond for the women in your life by being present and letting them know how loved and appreciated they are.

This year I planned on doing a photo shoot with my siblings, and gift the photos to my mom in a scrapbook along with our best picture displayed in a nice frame. But for one reason or another, our schedules didn’t allow us to get together, and our postponed date has yet to be determined. Mother’s Day or not, I still plan on doing this for my mom even if it takes a little longer than anticipated. I loved the simplicity behind the thought of this as a gift, and I know she would love it just as I would if I were receiving it.

Which brings me to our first topic.. a ‘Mommy & Me’ session would be the perfect gift for a mother and her children. The boys and I just had ours done, and I am obsessed with our photos! I can’t wait to frame them and I am so thankful to the hubs for taking our photos, he really did great. (Sneak peak towards the end!)

I ended up getting some earrings for my mom to go with the necklace I got her last Mother’s Day, a coffee mug, and a journal. I will gift her mine & my sibling’s photos later when we’re able to make the shoot happen.

I also couldn’t help myself and ordered this beautiful necklace with the word “MAMA” and a disk with the number of my favorite little trio. Absolutely love.

Link to Heart & Mom Earrings: here

Link to Mama Necklace: here



I also sent my husband the link of a shirt I’d love as a gift, and I thought it’d be great to share, especially because each tee sold benefits research for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! Shopping for a cause has never been better.

Link to Lauren Conrad Got It From My Mama Tee: here


Magnolia Cookbook


Now everyone and their mama knows that Joanna Gaines just released a cookbook – Magnolia Table. This also makes perfect for a gift, and if you haven’t picked it up yet or the women in your life haven’t either, here’s the link because you need it asap. Also, this is me hinting my husband that I haven’t picked one up yet (:

Magnolia Table Cookbook: here




Coffee Mugs. You can NEVER go wrong with coffee mugs, if and when the person you’re gifting to is a coffee lover. I saw these at Anthropology last week and I noticed they were on sale. Very cute and super trendy this time of year!

Mug2Link to Mug: here


No matter the age, I like to believe that all women love makeup. Listing my favorite blush at the moment, and the perfect every-day wear lipstick – I haven’t purchased it myself, but it looks great on every skin tone I’ve seen in pictures by far!

Jouer’s Adore Me duo Blush: here

Bobby Brown’s Sazan Nude Lipstick: here


A few other things that I wanted to mention that weren’t exactly gifts per say, would be surprising someone with a Spa Day, or simply offer & provide child care services while that special mama gets her “me time”. This sounds heavenly, and I honestly wouldn’t mind it one bit if someone did this for me (just saying, just keeping it real).

Lastly, I’d just like to add that besides all the pretty gifts, someone’s presence & some well spent quality time can mean just as much or even more than any materialistic gift received. I’d like to wish all my mamas a Happy Mother’s Day, and I truly hope you enjoy your day surrounding those you love most! Cheers to us!





And a little sneak peak of our shoot…


(wearing my Mama necklace)


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