Lavender Festival Photo Diary (Birthday Weekend)


Almost 2 weekends ago that we went to the Lavender Festival the day after my birthday, and I’m finally sharing some pictures here on the blog. We celebrated my birthday all weekend long, and coming here was one of the ways that I wanted to celebrate. We ended up doing a few things last minute that resulted in us arriving a little later than anticipated, but still, it was as beautiful as I imagined and we all had a great time.

There were plenty of stands that provided food, snacks, drinks, and they also had activities going on as well. Since we ran a little late we weren’t able to make all that they had set out for the kids, but next year we’re planning on experiencing all that the Festival has to offer from early on. Either way, the boys had a good time walking around the fields, and climbing everything possible. And of course taking pictures, we can never forget to capture the moment anywhere we go.


He was loving the fields. I love these photos my husband captured of him.


Feeling so incredibly blessed to live another year, and feeling excited for all that’s headed my way at the age of 27. I honestly dreaded my late 20’s once, but I’m only now discovering self-love, growing comfortably in my own skin, chasing passions my soul craves, and learning to face my fears. Aging & growing wiser by the year, this is 27.

DSC04373 (Hat: Nordstrom Rack / Dress: Marshalls / Straw Circle Crossbody Bag: Gigi Pip )

See you all on the next one! Thanks for stopping by! 




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