Finding My Balance In The Midst of Motherhood (Pt. 2)


A year ago today, you’d find me all over the place and quite unsure of where I stood with my role as a mama of three. Life was a bit hard, and motherhood was even harder. Finding my balance, managing my time, finding time for myself was an overwhelming struggle I faced almost every day for months. Routines with a baby were constantly changing, and once I thought I had something steady & settled, it was time for a change yet again.

I, by no means have everything down to a T,  but I’ve now found peace in letting go of things I can’t control, and accepting certain things for what they are. With all that I’ve learned along my journey in motherhood, I can honestly say that the one thing I wish I had figured out and acted upon, was making time for myself when I so desperately needed it.

So today, I am sharing a few things that have helped me find a little balance, in hopes to help a 1st time mom, a SAHM who’s currently facing some challenges, or simply any other mama looking for any tips & tricks to help bring a little balance back into their lives.

Set Realistic Goals 

One of my biggest mistakes last year was making unrealistic goals, & making my day’s to-do list as long as a Harry Potter book. Realistically speaking, there was no way I could possibly get 15+ things done in one day while also nursing on demand. So, be realistic, and make sure not to take any accomplishment lightly, celebrate any victory no matter how small. Lord knows how hard it is to get things done as a mama!

“When you write down your goals, don’t forget to write your accomplishments down too”

(I saw this on somebody’s Instagram story -I can’t remember who’s it was so please forgive me for not crediting-  but I loved this & it stuck with me.)

As opposed to last year, I now write all my goals down for the week and on a separate weekly planner, I break them down & split 3-4 tasks per day. If by any chance I don’t manage to check everything off my list, I leave them off for the following day as a bonus task.

Prioritize And Manage Your Time Wisely

This kind of ties in together with setting realistic goals. Another reason why I really enjoy writing down my goals for the day, is so that I’m able to see where my time is going. I think setting a daily schedule has helped me stay productive & consistent with all my duties as a SAHM/housewife.

Prioritize from the most to the least important task, and find a way to make it work. Managing my time wisely as a SAHM doesn’t always come easy, but choosing housework over binge watching tv shows on Netflix (or spending the entire day on my phone), surprisingly makes me happiest. A clean home gives me a peace of mind, and the feeling that comes with seeing all that I’ve accomplished at the end of the day, is rewarding & full of bliss.


Start Your Day with A Positive Mindset

Whether it’s by starting your day with reading a devotional book and thanking God for another day, or starting off your day with a quiet morning and enjoying a nice hot coffee before the kids jump out of bed, start by thinking and feeling positive. This will set the tone & mood for your day.

I find I have the best days when I’m able to jump in the shower first thing in the morning, and get ready for my day by taking care of my skin, applying a little makeup on, and changing into a simple outfit. This alone has changed my mood & attitude drastically, and it’s officially become a favorite part of my every day routine.

Take The Weekend Off 

Clocking off isn’t optional for us mothers, but one thing I look forward to when I’m exhausted is bedtime. Come bedtime, you can find me wrapping up the last of my chores, and getting ready to catch up on my favorite tv shows. I take my “mom hat” off for the remainder of the night, and if possible I take the rest of the night off too.

Taking the weekends off has also become a thing of mine. Some weekends I cook & clean, sometimes we eat out, and sometimes I leave the cleaning for Monday if I don’t tidy up as we go.  If you’re unable to take a night off because you work, or go to school, I highly suggest leaning on your spouse (or family) for some support at least once a month. This will allow you to recharge & rejuvenate, and it will serve as some much needed self-care time.

I learned from experience, that sometimes putting yourself first before others is necessary and just as important. “Where there is a will, there is a way”, find the time to take care of yourself.

Make Time For Yourself

I can’t tell you how important it is to make a little time for YOU. I know life is hectic, and life seems like such a rush with little ones, but finding & squeezing a little “you time” in the midst of chaos, is crucial for your health & for your sanity.

I’ve discovered a passion in creating content for my blog, photography, and even getting creative via Instagram. So any given moment I can find & take, I love spending my time doing some of the things I love most.

“Take time to replenish your body, mind, and soul” -Jhon Lebaron

Go on a date with a girlfriend, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, shop for a fun outfit, plan a day date with your husband. Find a hobby, exercise, read a book. Whatever it is that sets your soul on fire, do it. –


I think once I realized I didn’t have to be a perfect mom who was able to do it all at once, I was finally able to find the peace & balance I so longly searched for. We all have a way of doing things differently, and at the end of the day you have to find the balance that work best for you. I hope that you can take bits & pieces of this post, and that you’re able to apply them to your every day life!

What are some ways that have helped you find balance in the midst of life/motherhood? I’d love to hear all about them in the comment section (:

See you all on my next post!





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