Holiday Gift Guide! – 2018


Hey all! It has been a long minute since I’ve blogged and I’ll fill ya in as to why I haven’t done so in another post, but today I’m bringing you all a Holiday Gift Guide for those that have yet found a gift for those we love!

For starters, let’s talk about the special women in our life.. Mom, mother in law, sister, cousin, best friend, aunt, you name it, I got you covered. Pulling a few of my favorite items this season I thought would make perfect as gifts!

Gifts For Her

Horacio Print 2019 Planner:

I recently got a few items from Horacio Print that have been quite life changing, and I wanted to share a planner that would be perfect for the more-organized woman in your life. They have 3 different select styles of their planners, and they are AMAZING. You totally have to check them out if you’re in need of one, or you know someone who would love one. I can’t wait to fill mine up this coming year!

Planner: Here

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask: 

Y’all. This mask has been my favorite this season! It smells like the holidays & leaves your skin feeling amazing after rinsing. Pumpkin scented but not to the point where it’s overwhelming, and it refreshens & rejuvenates your skin in a matter of minutes. Definitely recommend checking this mask out!

SF Overtime Mask: Here

MatchMaven Crossbody Bag:

One of my favorite mamas I follow on IG launched her business and released her very first product recently! This beautiful crossbody bag/clutch she designed herself is the simplest but most beautiful statement bag I never knew I needed! Linking it for y’all to check out because everyone needs a go-to bag when running errands to help carry all your must have essentials. Now, it’s only available for pre-order, but in the meantime, she will send you a free Christmas card you can place under the tree as the person you’re gifting to awaits its arrival. Comes in beige & black!

Beige Crossbody Bag: here

Poppy Bracelet by Made By Mary:

One of my favorite jewelry pieces at the moment. I picked one up for myself and 2 other people in my life. Loving the simplicity & minimalistic look this bracelet gives.

Bracelet: here

Yeti Mug:

The perfect mug for the mom who’s coffee always gets cold because hello, mom duties. With this mug, there is no reheating needed as it keeps your coffee hot long enough for you to actually finish it.

Mug: here

Slippers and Eye Mask Set:

You can’t go wrong with gifting anything from the Hearth and Hand collection. Love how cozy and cute this set is.

Slippers Set: here

Jesus Calling Devotional Book:

One of my favorite purchases this year was a devotional book by Sarah Young, Jesus Calling. With the new year coming in no time, I thought it’d be the perfect gift since there’s a devotion to be read for every day of the year.

Jesus Calling: here

Girl, Wash Your Face (Book):

One of my favorite reads this year! Such a great inspirational book for any woman. If you haven’t read this book yet, make sure to get yourself a copy too!

Book: here


For Him

Keeping it very simple for the guys, and giving a few ideas other than the usual – tools, boxers, portable speaker, etc.


Perfect for travel, and even work.

Link: here

Yeti Rambler: 

Your perfect to-go coffee cup, keeping your coffee nice and warm on the go.

Link: here


Idk about y’all, but if I don’t buy my husband slippers for the winter season, he won’t bother to get himself a pair. This makes such a perfect gift for the men in our lives.

Link: here

AE Hoodie:

Can’t go wrong with a hoodie as a gift, ever. They’re cozy, and I’m loving the neutral tones in this particular hoodie. Oh, AND it’s on sale, hollaaaa.

Link: here


-For the kiddos-

For Them

I put together a mixture of educational flash cards and fun play things.


My boys have this one, and we love how fun and spacious it is.

Link: here

        Scripture ABC Flash Cards:

The most beautiful flash cards I’ve ever seen. Love the beautiful scriptures on each card.

Link: here 

Hearth And Hand Farmhouse:

This would be such a great playhouse for a little girl! I don’t have any of my own, but if I did, best believe it’d be on the Christmas list!

Link: here

Jesus Calling Devotional for Kids:

I love this devotional for older kids. Brings them closer to God, and each devotional is worded in a way they’re able to understand.

Link: here

    Kids Play Kitchen:

This play kitchen is perfect for any little girl or boy. You can always DIY to give it some cool upgrades!

Link: here

Learning Flashcard Set:

These flashcard sets are awesome to help improve and learn ABC’s, colors, and shapes! Perfect for your little one.

Link: here

BeyBlade Stadium: 

My firstborn has been asking for this Beyblade stadium for months, so I figured I had to include it for the moms with older little boys. Apparently, these beyblade toys are a hit, and are very popular at the moment.

Link: here


Hope you guys were able to get a few ideas off of this gift guide, and I wish you all the happiest of Holidays! Talk to you all soon!


(Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of these images)

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