Creating Habits For a More Productive Day

Spirit & Soul

As a stay at home mom, it can be very easy to get side tracked if I don’t plan out my day and manage my time wisely. Today, I’m sharing 7 habits I love to follow at the start of my day to help me get organized, and help me stay focused and motivated throughout my day. I hope that you guys like this, and that it’s helpful to some of you wanting to implement a new routine at the start of your day!


First and foremost, I like to start my day with a prayer. There is no better feeling than waking up with thanksgiving, and spending your first few minutes with The Lord. Some days I say a quick prayer, and others I dive deep into my devotional book and I spend a few minutes reading the word.

Make. The. Bed

Making the bed is so important to me. Having a bed made sets the tone for the day I want to have, and it gives me that extra push to get things done. If you’re not one who makes the bed every day, wake up tomorrow morning and get it done, you’ll see the huge difference it makes in your day!

Unplug From The World

NO social media first thing in the morning. This habit in particular has changed my entire day in ways you can’t even imagine. Block out the noise and dedicate those first few hours to yourself, and allow yourself to focus on what’s most important. I happen to get the most done in the morning right before I even jump on social media.

Set Goals For the Day – Write it Down!

Whether you prep your entire month by writing everything down on your planner or not, setting goals for the day helps you stay organized, and it helps as a reminder of what needs to get done that day. I can’t seem to function without writing down my plans for the day. I split my to-do’s into 3 different sections – my morning, afternoon, and my night. This helps me out tremendously! If you don’t already, write it down!

Planner & Daily Notepad by: Horacio Printing

Shower/ Get Ready

I know I’m only stating the obvious, but as a SAHM it is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily chores, that if I’m being honest, we tend to shower late at night most of the time (hashtag mom life). Showering and getting out of my pjs changes my mood & sets a different tone for my day. Make it a priority to get ready before starting your day!

Feed Your Soul Wisdom and Knowledge

Those that know me, know that my family and I recently moved an hour away from the place we once called home. With that being said, it can get pretty lonely considering that my only friends in town are an eight, a four, and two year old. During the weekdays I love to listen to my favorite podcasts, worship music, read, and even watch or listen to church services online. Feeding my soul with the truth is essential, and they make my week that much better. Read a book that speaks to your soul, find a podcast that’s relatable to your lifestyle, or find a motivational speaker you enjoy listening to.

REST- Go to Bed Early

These days I truly enjoy going to bed early. Come 9, 10 o’clock, I’m ready for bed. I find that when I get the most rest at night, the more energy I have in the morning, and the better mood I wake up in. Turn off the TV, and give your brain the rest it needs so you can recharge as much as you can before the following morning. Another habit I want to take on within the next couple of weeks, is getting a head start before the kids are up and running. Going to bed early at night is preparing me for this next habit I want to include in my routine.

Having a routine is so important for us mamas, and even if you aren’t a parent, routines will always keep us grounded. Of course there are times that I fall off track, but I always go back to following these habits because they allow me to be the best version of myself. Maybe you like to get a work out in the morning, or maybe you like to start your day with a cup of coffee. Either way, I am rooting for you, find what works best for YOU. If you don’t have a routine of habits set in motion already, I hope that you were able to take a thing or two from this post. I wish you all a happy week, and I will see you all on the next one!