Inspiring Podcasts for Motherhood + Personal Development

Spirit & Soul

Listening to Podcasts has become a part of my everyday routine, so today I’ll be sharing some of my favorites I look forward to throughout my week. There’s nothing like listening to a good piece of advice that leaves you inspired & motivated to evolve.

These are my Top 5:

-The Good Life With Stevie & Sazan

This podcast hosted by one of my favorite couples is probably the one I look forward to the most during the week. If you don’t know who Sazan & Stevie Hendrix are, they are a married couple who have strived their way through the influencer world, and are extremely down to earth with a lot of fun personality. They recently created this podcast to share powerful stories & conversations that will fill you with inspiration. Definitely recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to listen to their “good word of the week!”

-The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza-

I recently discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago, and I have binge listened to a lot of her episodes ever since! Allie Casazza is a mother of 4 who’s on a mission to change the way motherhood is looked at by sharing minimalism tips to help simplify your life. She also shares her story to uplift any overwhelmed mama, and she shares loads of advice on how to live an abundant life with purpose. If you’re a mama you don’t want to miss out on this podcast!

-Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis-

If y’all don’t know who Rachel Hollis is, stop what you’re doing now, and research who she is on your google bar pronto. Not only did she start and grow her multi-million dollar business from the ground, she is also a mother of four, a top motivational speaker, and #1 New York Times best-selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face! Her podcast is filled with wisdom and encouragement, and it targets an audience looking to transform their mindset, personal & business growth! You will appreciate her honesty, and will not be disappointed if you tune in. You will walk away feeling empowered and motivated to conquer just about anything.

-Rise Together Podcast with Rachel Hollis + Dave Hollis-

Okay, so another podcast with Rachel Hollis, BUT this one is with her husband, Dave Hollis. They host this podcast together, and they share plenty stories and experiences that help encourage your marriage to flourish strong and healthy. I find this podcast & their advice to be wise, and I love all the topics they touch on. Definitely a podcast you can relate to and apply to your everyday life if you’re married or in a committed relationship!

-The Real Life Podcast with Jeff & Alyssa Bethke

Wrapping up my Top 5 with one of the first podcasts I ever tuned in to. Jeff and Alyssa are a married couple who share grace and wisdom with their audience. They talk about their faith, parenting, culture, and so much more. This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts as they bring attention to the word of God, and they speak His truth in just about every episode. Check them out if you want to be filled with positivity, faith, and inspiration for personal development.

One thing all of these podcasts share in common that I love, is their faith and love for God. Along with all great things they have to offer in each and every episode, being reminded of the word and His truth keeps me grounded through my week.

I hope some of you found this post useful, and that you all enjoyed it. What piece of advice are you listening to that motivates and inspires you during the week? I’d love to check out any other podcasts you think are worth listening to in the comment section down below!