Educational Toys We Love (Learning through Play)


Welcome back! I’m finally getting around to sharing some of the toys/puzzles that have helped me & my little ones tremendously when it comes to learning through play. I strongly believe in the term “learning through play”, and as a stay at home mama, I’ve enjoyed & found that playing with my babies while helping them learn, has been one of the best rewarding feelings I’ve experienced as a mother, yet.


I started ‘learning through play’ with Camilo when he was just a toddler, and I’ve planned on doing the same with Max. We are now starting with the basics, such as words & sounds, and doing anything I can to help develop strong emotional, social, language, and fine motor skills.

Camilo was able to identify & learn his ABC’s, shapes, colors, and numbers, in the comfort of our very own home when learning through play. I’ve never really looked at it as a “teaching task”, but more so as simply spending quality time, when playing and reading with them.


I slowly introduced all the toys I had saved & stored away for when Max hit an appropriate age to play with them. We started off with a few Melissa & Doug chunky puzzles, and those seemed to help with his fine motor skills the most. Most of the toys we’ve used are actually by Melissa & Doug, and I just love how all of their toys target different areas to help develop skills and growth.


I love these few toys by Melissa & Doug! They’ve helped build & develop great fine motor skills, by helping him place pieces back where they belong, and helping him with color recognition.


Chunky Puzzles we love to play with:

Farm Animal Puzzle: here

Vehicle Puzzle: here

Pegboard Toy: here

Another puzzle of theirs that we found extremely helpful and fun was their ABC puzzle. This is the puzzle that helped Camilo learn his alphabet as we practiced each letter and its image.

Another great place I always find great educational toys and other stuff, is from the dollar spot inside Target! I’m constantly finding things that we enjoy playing & learning with.

Learning through play comes as easy as a reading a book together, & finding an activity to do that’s related to the story. Disconnecting from the world & our duties to spend quality time with our children is priceless, & the outcome is absolutely amazing! So many great things come from simply playing, reading, and singing with them!

“As parents, we are our children’s first and best teachers.”

I hope some of you found this post enjoyable and helpful, as this was one of my most requested posts as of yet. See you all on the next one!


(Wooden ABC puzzle by This & That ETC.)

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